Rain Water / Mains Water Changeover Controllers

The unique MATelec Rains/Mains Water Controller is designed to provide a continuous supply of water for a variety of uses, whilst prioritizing and maximising the usage of Rain Water.

The system comprises of a Controller, a unique valve, and a Liquid Level switch. The Controller not only measures the level of stored Rain Water, switching the valve accordingly, but also provides a switched outlet for the control of power to a pressure pumping system.

If Rain Water becomes available, the valve through which Mains Water is being supplied, is automatically pulsed closed. In the event of either 'Rain Water Depletion' or 'Power Failure' the controller will immediately pulse the valve open, and deenergises the pump output contacts. 

The controller has a 'System Test' function which, if initiated, changes the status of the system to enable the operator to check pump and valve function at the press of a button.

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