Single Pump - Standard Soft Starter

Single Pump   Standard

FPC-15007-S Range

Soft Starter
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Product Features

  • Powder Coated IP56 metal enclosure
  • Circuit breakers for individual soft starters and pump isolation and protection
  • Contactor and Overload for power disconnection and overload protection
  • Low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Auto/Off/Manual Control
  • Optional Pump timer or timeclock
  • Customer adjustable Acceleration and Deacceleration ramp
Code Description
FPC-15007-S2.2 3PH 2.2kW
FPC-15007-S4.0 3PH 4.0kW
FPC-15007-S5.5 3PH 5.5kW
FPC-15007-S7.5 3PH 7.5kW
FPC-15007-S11 3PH 11kW
FPC-15007-S15 3PH 15kW
FPC-15007-S22 3PH 22kW
FPC-15007-S30 3PH 30kW
FPC-15007-S37 3PH 37kW
FPC-15007-S45 3PH 45kW
FPC-15007-S55 3PH 55kW
FPC-15007-S75 3PH 75kW
FPC-15007-S90 3PH 90kW

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