Company Profile

MATelec, established in South Africa in 1973 as an Innovator, Manufacturer and Distributor of electrical commodity products, has over the ensuing four decades, steadily developed in to what has become a highly reputed supplier to the ‘Electrical Industry’ in many countries around the globe.

In 2002, building on the proven and successful Business Model established over 3 decades, MATelec Australia was launched. Recognizing and respecting the strategic role that the ‘Electrical Wholesaler’ plays in servicing the needs of industry and the trade, MATelec Australia has worked with the wholesalers nationally, establishing long standing and mutually beneficial relationships.

Now another two decades on, MATelec Australia not only sources, warehouses, markets and distributes its electrical products of exceptional value, but also manufactures ‘in-house’, a vast range of cutting edge pump and motor control products. The manufacturing facility, located in Shepparton Victoria, has further distinguished the company with the capability to tailor products, to meet specific needs of clients, in the shortest possible turnaround time.

With Research and Development, Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing and Quality Assurance personnel all involved in the manufacturing process, the investment in the Australian community is significant.

Manufactured products are not only distributed nationally but are now also exported to numerous destinations around the globe.

MATelec Australia with a strong and dynamic ‘customer focused’ culture, will continue to advance as it continues to create valuable solutions for opportunities that present themselves.

Our Mission

To passionately pursue the development of products, services and solutions that represent exceptional value and reflect the inspirational and dynamic culture of the company, while enriching the community of clients, staff, management and suppliers involved in the process.

Innovators, Manufacturers and Distributors of Electrical Products