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Liquid Level + Power Failure Alarm
Liquid Level + Power Failure Alarm
Liquid Level + Power Failure Alarm

Liquid Level & Power Failure Alarm - Battery Backup

  • Enclosure:
    • IP54 rated, poycarbonate enclosure with mounting brackets
  • Protection:
    • Low voltage control and input circuitry
    • Din rail mounted terminal connections
  • Control & interface:
    • Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms
    • Level alarm keypad interface:
      • Indicator lights for power on, level alarm
      • Alarm mute/reset/test button
    • Level alarm PCB control module
    • 12V 1.3Ah battery and charger for backup on mains failure
  • Inputs:
    • Single phase (230Vac) power supply
    • Digital 12Vdc input for float switch or conductivity probes
  • Outputs:
    • BMS volt free output for common fault (NO & NC)
  • Included with panel:
    • 10 Amp 3 pin 1.5m power supply lead

Function Features

  • Level and power failure alarm - Provides warning indication and alarm when a water storage tank is empty or full, and when mains power is lost
  • Auto-silencing alarm - If not muted, the buzzer will silence after 5 minutes, then sound briefly every 5 minutes  (this feature can be disabled if a continuous alarm is required)
  • Battery backup - Battery is charged while mains power is present, and allows the unit to operate for approximately 10 hours without mains power
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