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Standard Pump Controllers
Standard Pump Controllers
Standard Pump Controllers

Standard Pump Controllers - With Intrinsically Safe Input Barrier

Standard Range
  • Enclosure:
    • IP56 rated, powder coated mild steel enclosure with inner door and removable gland plate
  • Protection:
    • Pad-lockable mains power isolator switch
    • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
    • Individual pump isolation
    • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pump motors
    • Din rail mounted terminal connections
  • Control & interface:
    • Single or dual pump keypad interface:
      • Indicator lights for power on, high & low level alarm, pump run, pump fault/overload and prime loss
      • Push buttons for alarm mute/reset, pump auto/off/manual control
    • PCB control module with dipswitches for adjusting configuration
    • Visual (strobe) and mutable audible (buzzer) alarms
    • Intrinsically safe input barrier relays
    • Soft starter per pump with adjustable soft start and stop (Soft Start versions)
  • Inputs:
    • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply
    • 2x digital 24Vdc inputs for working level and high level float switches
  • Outputs:

Function Features

  • High level alarm delay
  • Smart chirp mode alarms
  • Manual pump control
  • Duty sharing and alternation
  • Pump staging and destaging
  • Staggered pump start
  • Level empty control
  • Maximum idle time

Fault Protection

  • Pump overload protection
  • Pump anti-seize protection
  • High level alarm

Standard Pump Controllers - With Instrinsically Safe Input Barrier

Code No of Pumps Phase / Voltage Overload Ratings Soft Starter Ratings
FPC-15005-INT 1 1 Phase / 230Vac -AA to -E N/A
FPC-15007-INT 1 3 Phase / 400Vac -AA to -E -S4.0 to -S90
FPC-30020-INT 2 1 Phase / 230Vac -AA to -E N/A
FPC-30040-INT 2 3 Phase / 400Vac -AA to -E -S4.0 to -S90

Overload Rating Guide

Code Suffix Amp Rating
-AA 1.6 - 2.5 Amp
-A 2.5 - 4 Amp
-B 4 - 6 Amp
-BB 5.5 - 8 Amp
-C 7 - 10 Amp
-D 9 - 13 Amp
-E 12 - 18 Amp

Additional overload ratings available on request

For FLCs greater than 18 Amps, soft starters are recommended

Soft Starter Guide

Code Suffix kW Rating
-S4.0 4.0 kW
-S5.5 5.5 kW
-S7.5 7.5 kW
-S11 11 kW
-S15 15 kW
-S22 22 kW
-S30 30 kW
-S37 37 kW
-S45 45 kW
-S55 55 kW
-S75 75 kW
-S90 90 kW

Additional kW ratings up to 160kW available on request

Optional Modifications

  • /SMS - With ME-Link module for SMS alarm/status messaging
  • /BBHLS - With battery backup high level alarm
  • /CON - With conductivity relays and inputs for common, stop, start and high level probes
  • /GEN - With generator inlet socket and manual changeover switch
  • /ATS - With automatic generator changeover switch
  • Pump thermistor inputs
  • Mine spec enclosure
  • 316 stainless steel enclosure
  • Pump max run time protection
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