Residential Series

Our ‘Residential Series’ control panels have been developed to meet increasing industry safety requirements whilst maintaining functionality and reliability. These panels are not just limited to the residential or domestic markets, but add value anywhere that true pump redundancy and safety is required, including commercial and industrial applications. From the release of new AS3000:2018 standards, there are new compulsory RCD requirements for domestic and residential installations which can cause issues with standard pump control panels. These new requirements have seen the installation of RCDs or RCBOs being placed on the incoming supply to pump control panels. This in turn has added a single point of failure which if a pump fault occurred, the power supply to the control panel would be removed shutting down both pumps and turning off any alarms. This removes one of the main benefits of our dual pump controllers. With this in mind we have designed the ‘Residential Series’ panels with built in RCDs, so that the upstream supply would be a submain and not a final sub circuit, which can then be protected by a circuit breaker only. This allows any pump fault such as earth leakage and pump overload to shut down only the faulting pump and alternate to the standby pump, maintaining operation and activating an alarm for servicing.

Dual Pump Controller - Standard
Residential Series - Single Phase
Dual Pump Controller - Standard
Residential Series - Three Phase
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