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Hydrotouch VSD Pump Controller

Hardware Features

  • Enclosure:
    • IP44 weatherproof rating
    • Powder coated mild steel
    • Removable gland plate
    • Integral ventilation with thermostatically controlled fan
  • Protection:
    • Padlockable mains power isolator switch
    • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
    • Individual VSD/pump isolation
  • Control & Interface:
    • Hydrotouch colour touch screen interface
    • Main screen with system, pump, fault and sensor status
    • Individual pump monitoring screen with status, run hours and number of starts, auto/off/manual control of pump
    • Graphical overview screen for monitoring system operation
    • Alarm screen with date and time stamped faults
    • Logged data screen with power and water usage graphs, trend graphs for pressure, level and flow, pump run timers and and system event counters
    • System diagnostics screen for easy fault finding, pump rotation testing
    • Easy setup commissioning wizard
    • Advanced parameter adjustment
  • Inputs:
    • 2x analogue 4-20mA input for transducers
    • 3x digital 24Vdc inputs for float/pressure/flow switches
    • 1x digital, pulse input for flow meter
    • Standard terminal setup: Primary pressure and secondary level transducers, backup low level float and high level float
  • Outputs:
    • Variable speed drive per pump
    • 5x assignable BMS volt free outputs
    • 2x analogue 4-20mA BMS outputs for analogue readings
    • Modbus RS485 connections
  • Included with panel:
    • Pressure transducer (10Bar/1000kPA)
    • Shielded VSD motor cables

Function Features

  • Operation:
    • PID control and PID reverse
    • Maximum run timer and auto alternation of pump duty
    • Pump 1 can be configured as a main or jacking pump
    • Maximum idle time ensures minimum tank level is maintained
    • Staggered pump start and stop
    • Bumpless transfer on pump duty alternation
    • Pump limiting
    • Sleep with sleep minimise sleep test
    • Pipe fill builds up pipe pressure slowly
    • Static lead pump for applications with low average flows but high peak flows
    • Supply tank level monitoring (if using level transducer in supply tank instead of backup transducer)
    • Manual override timer control when system is in fault shutdown
  • Fault protection:
    • Under/over voltage and phase failure protection
    • Pump overload and prime loss shut-down
    • Automatic changeover on VSD/pump fault
    • High and low level/pressure shut-down
    • Supply tank low level protection
    • Pump cycle protection
    • Pipe fill fail shut-down if pressure cannot be increased due to burst pipe
    • Transducer redundancy switches to backup transducer if first one fails (if using secondary pressure transducer)

Optional Modifications

  • 316 stainless steel enclosure
  • Modbus TCP gateway with ethernet port
  • Netbiter remote access
  • Mains bypass, tank top up or well wash control with solenoid valve
  • UV lamp control
  • Generator input socket and automatic changeover

Common Applications

  • Level control
    • Water transfer
  • Pressure control:
    • Pressure boosting
  • Temperature control:
    • Hot Water Circulation
  • Flow control:
    • Process water control

Download Range Overview

VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Single Pump - Three Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Single Pump - Single Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Dual Pump - Three Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Dual Pump - Single Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Triplex Pump - Three Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Triplex Pump - Single Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Quad Pump - Three Phase
VSD Pump Controller - Hydrotouch
Quad Pump - Single Phase
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