Three Phase Dual Pump with BMS Hot Water Circulation Controller

  • Smart chirp mode alarms - Alarms automatically silence after 5 minutes if not muted, then chirp every 5 minutes
  • Manual control - Manual pump mode with optional 5 minute timeout to revert back to auto mode
  • Duty sharing and alternation - Duty pump alternates after 6 hours of accumulated running in circulation mode
  • Controlled by - Thermostat, duty pump will run while this is closed due to water cooling down
  • Adjustable operation time - Timeclock allows user to confgure the time of day/week that the system will operate during.
  • IP56 rated, powder coated mild steel enclosure with inner door and removable gland plate
  • Pad-lockable mains power isolator switch
  • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Individual pump isolation
  • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pump motors
  • Din rail mounted terminal connections
Control & interface
  • Single or dual pump keypad interface:
    • Indicator lights for power on, high & low level alarm, pump run,  pump fault/ overload and prime loss
    • Push buttons for alarm mute/reset, pump auto/off/manual control
  • PCB control module with dipswitches for adjusting configuration
  • Visual (strobe) and mutable audible (buzzer) alarms
  • Adjustable 7 day 24 hour digital timeclock for configuring operation times when hot water will be required

Fault protection:

  • Pump overload protection - Shuts down pump/s on overload, with automatic duty alternation.
  • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply
  • 1x digital 12Vdc input for thermostat
  • 2x pump supply outputs
  • BMS volt free outputs for power on, individual pump run and fault.

Hot Water Circulation Controllers - Dual Pump with BMS - Three Phase

Code No of Pumps Phase / Voltage Enclosure Size
FPC-30207 Dual 3 Phase / 400Vac 400x400x200mm

Additional overload ratings available on request.
Note: Enclosure sizes may increase for higher overload ratings.


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