HydroTOUCH Variable Speed Pump (VSD) Controller and Module

The HydroTOUCH range of pump controllers is a market leading, second-generation multi-pump controller designed to operate up to 12 pumps. It features a wide range of advanced control options and a highly flexible array of input and output signals, both digital and analog. Incorporating an easy set-up wizard and a user-friendly touch screen, operation of these sophisticated controllers is a breeze!

The HydroTOUCH VSD controllers have been designed for four different control operations - Pressure, Level, Temperature and Flow, and are highly customisable to suit your specific application.

Function Features

  • Multi-pump control - Control of up to 12 pumps in any number of duty, duty assist and standby pump configurations
  • Pump limiting - For limiting max flow or power requirements
  • Duty sharing and alternation - Adjustable duty change period and bumpless transfer
  • Pump staging and destaging - Additional pumps are staged into operation to maintain setpoint and destaged when no longer required
  • Staggered pump start and stop - Prevents excessive current draw and reduces water surge or hammer
  • Manual pump control - Pump manual mode with ability to override system protections for 15 mins before reverting back to auto mode
  • System types - Level, pressure, temperature or flow control modes
  • Control directions - For emptying or filling a tank, boosting or dropping pressure, raising or lowering flow rate, and heating or cooling temperature
  • Pump speed control - Proportional speed control of pumps in level mode, PID speed control with adjustable proportional and integral values to change VSD responsiveness in pressure, flow and temperature modes
  • Jacking pump control - Pump 1 can be configured as a DOL jacking pump or VSD static lead pump
  • Pressure control mode - Controlled by a 4-20mA pressure transducer and optional backup high-pressure switch
  • Pipe fill - If the system wakes up and pressure is low, pipe fill runs a single pump to gently build pipe pressure and shuts the pump down if unable to build pressure within 10 minutes (Specific to pressure mode)
  • Sleep assist speed minimise - When the system is at setpoint and pump speed is constant due to no demand for water, the system will slowly drop the pump speed, helping it to go to sleep sooner (Specific to pressure mode) 
  • Sleep assist boost - When the system is nearing setpoint, and there is no demand for water, the system will boost the pressure before going to sleep so it can sleep for longer, reducing pump cycling (specific to pressure mode) 
  • Mains bypass valve control - Switches to mains water to bypass supply tank when pumping system is out of water or in fault condition (specific to pressure mode, available upon request) 
  • Level control mode - Controlled by 4-20mA level transducer and optional backup high and low float switches in a tank/pit 
  • Well wash valve control - When the system has pumped down to setpoint and the pumps have stopped, the system will open the well wash valve for 5 minutes every 24 hours (specific to level mode) 
  • Tank top-up valve control - Tops up tank with mains water when normal inflow of rain or treated water into tank does not keep up with demand (Specific to pressure and level control, available upon request)
  • Flow control mode - Controlled by a pulse flow meter, with optional backup high and low flow switches
  • Temperature control mode - 4-20mA temperature transducer and optional backup high and low-temperature thermostats
  • Auxiliary tank level monitoring - Using additional level transducer in auxiliary tank, instead of backup transducer
  • UV lamp control - Optional UV lamp control for installations that require UV filtering, with adjustable modes
  • IP44 rated, powder coated mild steel enclosure with removable gland plate, integral ventilation and thermostatically controlled fan
  • Pad-lockable mains power isolator switch
  • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Individual pump circuit breaker protection
  • Din rail mounted terminal connections
Control & interface
  • HydroTOUCH 7 inch colour touch screen HMI (see Interface features)
  • HydroTOUCH VSD control module
  • Variable speed drive per pump
  • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply
  • 2x analog 4-20mA inputs for level, pressure or temperature transducers
  • Up to 5x 24Vdc digital inputs for float, pressure or flow switches or thermostats
  • Digital pulse input for flow meter
  • Standard terminal setup: Pressure transducer, level transducer, pulse flow meter, low-level float switch, high-pressure switch
  • 1-12 pump outputs (230Vac three phase for both 1 & 3 phase versions)
  • 5x assignable volt free outputs for remote monitoring
  • 2x analog 4-20mA outputs for analog readings
  • Output for solenoid valve available upon request
  • Modbus RTU Serial RS485 connections for SCADA
Included with panel
  • 16 bar pressure transducer
  • Shielded VSD motor cables

Interface Features

  • Main screen with system and pump status, active faults, pump speed and analog level, pressure, flow or temperature values
  • Individual pump monitoring screen with status, run hours, number of starts, speed, voltage, current, power and manual control with ability to override system lockouts
  • Graphical overview screen for monitoring overall system operation
  • Alarm screen with date and time stamped faults
  • Logged data screen with power and water usage graphs, trend graphs for pressure, level and flow, pump run timers and system event counters
  • System diagnostics screen for easy fault finding, pump rotation testing
  • User friendly setup wizard for easy commissioning
  • Advanced parameter adjustment
HydroTOUCH VSD Range 
Code No of Pumps Phase/Voltage Overloads
FPC-43121 Single 1 Phase / 230 Vac -A to -C
FPC-43120 Single 3 Phase/400Vac -A to -K
FPC-43221 Dual 1 Phase/230 Vac -A to - C
FPC-43220 Dual 3 Phase/400Vac -A to -K
FPC-43321 Triplex 1 Phase/230Vac -A to -C
FPC-43320 Triplex 3 Phase/400Vac -A to -K
FPC-43421 Quad 1 Phase/230Vac -A to -C
FPC-43420 Quad 3 Phase/400Vac -A to -K

Note: 1 Phase panels are 1 Phase 230Vac in and 3 Phase 230Vac out

Additional Options

  • With ME-Link Module for SMS alarm/status messaging 
  • With rain/mains changeover control module and 12Vdc pulse latching solenoid valve
  • Generator input socket and manual changeover switch, or automatic changeover
  • Output for normally closed tank top up or well wash valve
  • IP56 rated enclosure with inner door and fan/vent covers
  • 316 stainless steel enclosure
  • Free standing enclosure with plinth
  • Separate compartments for power authority meter
  • Modbus TCP gateway with ethernet port

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