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Soft Starters   Triplex Pump

Soft Starters - Triplex Pump


  • Enclosure:

    • IP56 weatherproof rating

    • Powder coated mild steel

    • Inner door and removable gland plate

  • Protection:

    • Padlockable mains power isolator switch

    • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry

    • Individual pump isolation

    • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pumps

    • Electronic short and overload protection of strobe/buzzer

  • Alarms:

    • Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms

  • Control & interface:

    • Advanced HMI with backlit LCD screen & navigation keys

    • System and pump status overview

    • Auto/off/manual operation of pumps

    • Alarm display screen and mute button

    • Logged data for start & fault counters, pump run hours

    • Input configuration and parameter adjustment

    • Tank/pit level display (with transducer connected)

    • Password protection

    • User adjustable soft start and soft stop

  • Inputs:

    • 1x analogue 4-20mA input for level transducer

    • 5x digital 24Vdc inputs for float/pressure/flow switches

    • Standard terminal setup: Low level, pump stop, pump start, standby 1 & 2 start float switches

  • Outputs:

    • 3x pump supply outputs

    • 1x BMS volt free output for common fault

    • Optional modbus RS485 connections

Function Features

  • Operation:

    • Maximum run timer and auto alternation of pump duty

    • Anti seize timer runs pumps periodically during low use

    • Optional time out on manual pump mode

    • Maximum idle time ensures minimum tank level is maintained

    • Staggered pump start and stop

    • Pump limiting allows only 1 pump to run at a time

    • Static lead pump for applications with low average flows but high peak flows

    • Level alarm delay avoiding nuisance alarms

    • Current loop reverse operation for maintain pressure or emptying, rather than filling, a tank

    • Smart auto silencing and chirp mode alarm

  • Fault protection:

    • Under/over voltage and phase failure protection

    • Pump overload shut-down

    • High and low level/pressure alarm

    • Low level shut-down

    • Low flow/prime loss shut-down (with flow switch)

    • Optional maximum pump run time shut-down

    • Optional transducer fault alarm

Optional Modifications

  • 316 stainless steel enclosure

  • Free standing enclosure with plinth

  • Separate compartment for power authority meters

  • Generator input socket and automatic changeover

  • Battery backup high level alarm

  • 4G SMS alarm sender

  • Additional BMS volt free outputs

  • Modbus TCP gateway with ethernet port

  • Conductivity relays and probe inputs

  • Mains bypass or tank top up control with solenoid valve

Common Applications

  • Level Control:

    • Submersible sewage

    • Submersible storm water

    • Transfer pumping

  • Pressure control:

    • Pressure boosting

  • Temperature Control:

    • Hot water circulation

  • With modifications:

    • Rain/mains changeover

FPC-40040-S Range - Three Phase (400Vac)

Code Power Rating Enclosure Size
FPC-40040-S4.0 4.0 kW 500x500x300mm
FPC-40040-S5.5 5.5 kW 500x500x300mm
FPC-40040-S7.5 7.5 kW 500x500x300mm
FPC-40040-S11 11 kW 500x500x300mm
FPC-40040-S15 15 kW 600x600x300mm
FPC-40040-S22 22 kW 600x600x300mm
FPC-40040-S30 30 kW 600x600x300mm
FPC-40040-S37 37 kW 800x800x300mm
FPC-40040-S45 45 kW 800x800x300mm
FPC-40040-S55 55 kW 1000x1000x400mm
FPC-40040-S75 75 kW 1000x1000x400mm
FPC-40040-S90 90 kW 1200x1200x400mm

Additional Power Ratings up to 160 kW available on request

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