Standard Pump Controller with Single Door

MATelec Australia’s highly popular Standard Range of pump controllers are designed to control one or two pumps, featuring a keypad interface and control module with dipswitches for configuring the controller to suit various level and pressure control applications. Housed in robust powder coated metal enclosures, the controllers utilise contactors and thermal overload protection for the pumps and up to 4 digital inputs for control, with many additional options such as BMS outputs and SMS alarm messaging available.

  • High level alarm delay - Avoids nuisance alarms causes by water level oscillation
  • Smart chirp mode alarms - Alarms automatically silence after 5 minutes if not muted, then chirp every 5 minutes
  • Manual control - Manual pump mode with optional 5-minute timeout to revert back to auto mode
  • Duty sharing and alternation - Duty pump alternates on pump start and after 30 minutes of continuous running in alternation mode, or after 6 hours of accumulated running in circulation mode (dual pump versions)
  • Pump staging and destaging - Second pump is staged into operation on high level float or lag pump pressure switch closing and destaged when no longer required (dual pump versions)
  • Staggered pump start - Prevents excessive current draw and reduces water surge (dual pump versions)
  • Level control mode - Pump out operation controlled by pump stop, pump start and high-level float switches
  • Maintain minimum level - Ensures minimum tank level is maintained if pump does not run for 4 hours, and pump stop input is closed
  • Pressure control mode - Pressure boost operation controlled by lead pump, lag pump (dual pump versions) and low-pressure switches.
  • Powder coated mild steel enclosure with removable gland plate
  • IP54 single door or IP56 with inner door.
  • Pad-lockable mains power isolator switch
  • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Individual pump isolation
  • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pump motors
  • Din rail mounted terminal connections
Control & interface
  • Single or dual pump keypad interface:
      • Indicator lights for power on, high- & low-level alarm, pump run, pump fault/overload and prime loss
      • Push buttons for alarm mute/reset, pump auto/off/manual control
  • PCB control module with dipswitches for adjusting configuration
  • Visual (strobe) and mutable audible (buzzer) alarms

Fault Protection

  • Pump overload protection - Shuts down pumps on overload, with automatic duty alternation (dual pump versions)
  • Pump anti-seize protection - Runs pumps periodically during low use to prevent seizing
  • High level alarm - Can be configured with 15-minute delay and auto reset for stormwater applications, or 5-minute delay and manual alarm reset only for sewage applications
  • Low level alarm - Locks out pumps until manually reset, to prevent dry running
  • Low flow/prime loss protection - Activates if a pump is running but there is no flow for 2 minutes (if using flow switch in input 1 instead of low-level float switch)
  • Low pressure alarm - Shuts down pumps if low pressure input closes for 60 seconds.

Typical Applications

  • Level control:
    • Submersible sewage
    • Submersible stormwater
    • Water transfer pumping
  • Pressure control:
    • Pressure boosting

Modification Options

  • /SMS - With ME-Link module for SMS alarm/status messaging
  • /BBHLS - With battery backup high level alarm
  • /CON - With conductivity relays and inputs for common, stop, start and high-level probes
  • /GEN - With generator inlet socket and manual changeover switch
  • /ATS - With automatic generator changeover switch
  • /INT - With intrinsically safe input barrier relay and inputs for working and high-level floats
  • Individual pump RCD protection
  • Pump thermistor inputs
  • Mine spec enclosure
  • 316 stainless steel enclosure
  • Pump max run time protection
  • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply
  • 4x digital 12Vdc inputs for float, pressure or flow switches
  • Standard terminal setup: Low level (not for single door version), pump stop, pump start and high-level float switches
  • 1 or 2x pump supply outputs
  • BMS volt free output for common fault (Inner Door version), or:
  • BMS volt free outputs for power on, high level, individual pump run and fault (BMS version only)
  • Coded data output for connection to remote status indicators, BMS module or SMS alarm status communicator.

Overload Selection

Code Suffix Amp Rating
-AA 1.6 - 2.5 Amp
-A 2.5 - 4 Amp
-B 4 - 6 Amp
-BB 5.5 - 8 Amp
-C 7 - 10 Amp
-D 9 - 13 Amp
-E 12 - 18 Amp


Additional overload ratings available on request.
Note: Enclosure sizes may increase for higher overload ratings

Pump Controllers - Standard - Single Door

Code No of Pumps Phase / Voltage Enclosure Size
FPC-15006 Single 3 Phase / 400Vac 400x300x150mm
FPC-30010 Dual 1 Phase / 230Vac 400x300x150mm
FPC-30030 Dual 3 Phase / 400Vac 400x300x150mm

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