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HydroWHIZ Pump Controllers

HydroWHIZ Pump Controllers Soft Start

HydroWHIZ SS Range

HydroWHIZ Soft Start Range 

Code No of Pumps Phase/Voltage SS Options
FPC-63143 Single 3 Phase/400Vac -S4.0 to -S90
FPC-63243 Dual 3 Phase/400Vac -S4.0 to -S90
FPC-63343 Triplex 3 Phase/400Vac -S4.0 to -S90
FPC-63443 Quad 3 Phase/400Vac -S4.0 to -S90

Additional panels for up to 6 pumps available

Soft Starter Guide

Code Suffix kW Rating
-S4.0 4.0 kW
-S5.5 5.5 kW
-S7.5 7.5 kW
-S11 11 kW
-S15 15 kW
-S22 22 kW
-S30 30 kW
-S37 37 kW
-S45 45 kW
-S55 55 kW
-S75 75 kW
-S90 90 kW

Additional kW ratings up to 160kW available on request

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