Stainless Steel Magnetic Float Switches

  • Single & Dual Point Options
  • Magnetic reed switch technology
  • High reliability / repeatability standards
  • Direct interface to controllers
  • High temperature rating
  • High pressure rating
  • Suitable for corrosive conditions
  • Commonly used in food processing, medical, heating and cooling equipment
  • Includes approx 300mm of cable for connection
  • Epoxy sealed cable outlet
  • Gasket seal


  • Max Contact Rating: 50W
  • Max Switching Voltage: 24V DC
  • Max Switching Current: 1.5A
  • Max Breakdown Voltage: 240V DC
  • Max Carry Current: 3.0A
  • Max Contact Resistance: 100mΩ
  • Temperature Rating: 5° to 60°
  • Float Material: 304SS
  • Float Stem/Body Material: 304SS
  • Float SG: 0.70
  • Float Dimensions: 28mm (W) x 26mm (H)
  • Dual Float Differential: 36mm
  • Threaded connection: M10 x 1.6

Switching Configuration

  • The SS Magnetic Float Switches are configured to close on fall by default. If close on rise is required, remove the circlip below the float using a pair of pliers, flip the float upside down then reinstall the circlip.

SS Magnetic Range

Code Description Height Packing MOQ Ctn
FSW-12570 Single SS Float Switch - Short Stem Vertical 62mm 1 1 1
FSW-12571 Single SS Float Switch - Long Stem Vertical 216mm 1 1 1
FSW-12572 Dual SS Float Switch - Long Stem Vertical 140mm 1 1 1
FSW-12573 Single SS Float Switch - Side Mounted 81mm 1 1 1
FSW-12574 Dual SS Float Switch - Side Mounted 130mm 1 1 1

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