Transducer Hanging Bracket - FPC-12568

  • Designed to provide a simple and effective solution to hang hydrostatic level transducers in the correct position in a tank
  • Applies even pressure to the transducer cable, ensuring the internal breather tube is not deformed or kinked in any way


  • Materials:
    • Back plate: Stainless steel
    • Clamp & body: Nylon 6


  • Ensure hook or similar bracket (supplied by others) is installed in the tank for the clamp to hang from
  • Move nylon clamps up and place cable in cable groove
  • Move clamps down to ensure cable is securely held in place
  • Hang bracket on hook
  • Ensure transducer position is correct (see diagram below). The weight of the transducer will ensure the clamps continue to hold the cable
  • Excess transducer cable must be coiled neatly to ensure no kinks obstruct internal air tube.

Transducer Hanging Bracket - FPC-12568

Code Description
FPC-12568 Transducer Hanging Bracket


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