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HydroWHIZ DOL + Soft Start Controllers

Hardware Features

  • Enclosure:
    • IP56 rated, powder coated mild steel enclosure with inner door and removable gland plate
  • Protection:
    • Pad-lockable mains power isolator switch
    • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
    • Individual pump isolation
    • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pump motors
    • Din rail mounted terminal connections
  • Control & interface:
    • HydroWHIZ colour touch screen HMI (See interface features)
    • HydroWHIZ PCB control module
    • Visual (strobe) and mutable audible (buzzer) alarms
    • Soft starter per pump with adjustable soft start & stop (Soft Start version)
  • Inputs:
    • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply
    • Analog 4-20mA input for level, pressure or temperature transducer
    • Up to 8x digital 24Vdc inputs for low, stop, start, standby start and high float switches, pressure switches or thermostats, system enable/disable input and a low flow switch
    • Thermal switch inputs per pump (three phase only)
  • Outputs:
    • 1-6 pump outputs
    • BMS volt free output for common fault
    • Analog 0-10V output (mirrors analog input)
    • Output for solenoid valve available on request
    • Modbus RTU Serial RS485 connections for SCADA

Function Features

  • Multi pump control - Control of up to 6 pumps in any number of duty, duty assist and standby pump configurations
  • Pump limiting - For limiting max flow or power requirements
  • Duty sharing and alternation - Adjustable duty change period and bumpless transfer
  • Pump staging and destaging - Additional pumps are staged into operation to maintain setpoint and destaged when no longer required
  • Staggered pump start and stop - Prevents excessive current draw and reduce water surge or hammer
  • Manual control - Manual modes for system and pumps with 10 minute timeout to revert back to auto mode
  • System types - Level, pressure or temperature control
  • Control directions - For emptying or filling a tank, boosting or dropping pressure and heating or cooling temperature
  • Level control mode - Controlled by 4-20mA hydrostatic level transducer and/or low, duty stop, duty start, standby starts and high level float switches, submerged in a tank or pit
  • Tank top up valve control - Tops up tank with mains water when normal inflow of rain or treated water into tank does not keep up with demand (specific to level mode)
  • Maintain minimum level - Ensures minimum tank level is maintained in (specific to level mode, empty direction)
  • Pressure Control Mode - Controlled by 4-20mA pressure transducer and/or low, duty start, standby starts and high pressure switches
  • Jacking pump control - Pump 1 will always be the first to wake from sleep and main pumps will start if unable to keep up with demand (specific to pressure mode)
  • Mains bypass valve control - Switches to mains water to bypass supply tank when pumping system is out of water or in fault condition (specific to pressure mode)
  • Temperature control mode - Controlled by 4-20mA temperature transducer and/or low, duty start, standby starts and high temperature thermostats
  • Sleep modes - Sleep can be enabled to allow pumps to sleep when setpoint is reached, or disabled so one pump is always running to circulate water (Specific to temperature mode)

Fault Protection

  • Protection modes - Apply to most protections, and include alarm (alarm only), lockout (alarm and pump shutdown) and inhibit (pump shutdown only, no alarm)
  • High and low level, pressure or temperature protection - Alarm and/or shutdown on high and low level, pressure or temperature depending on the system type, low pressure protection features automatic restart attempts
  • Auxiliary tank level protection - Pump shut-down on supply tank low or destination tank full
  • Pump anti-seize protection - Runs pumps periodically during low use to prevent seizing
  • Maximum run protection - Activates after pumps run at max speed for 30 mins, protecting the system in the event of a burst pipe, with automatic restart attempts
  • Pump cycle protection - Activates if system goes to sleep but wakes up within 5 seconds, 10 times in a row, due to a faulty non-return valve or similar fault preventing the system from maintaining pressure
  • No flow protection - Activates if a pump is running but there is no flow for 30 seconds (if using flow switch instead of low level float), with automatic restart attempts
  • Feedback signal fault protection - Shuts down all pumps in the event of a transducer failing
  • Pump overload protection - Shuts down pump/s on overload, with automatic duty alternation
  • Pump thermal switch protection - For three phase pumps

Interface Features

  • Main screen with system status, auto/off/manual modes
  • Pump screens with status, logged data and auto/off/manual control
  • Alarms screens with mute/reset, date & time stamped historical faults
  • Logged data with system event & fault counts, pump starts, run hours
  • Analog feedback value trend graph
  • Streamlined, user friendly system setup process
  • System diagnostics for easy fault finding, factory reset

Additional Options

  • /BMS - With BMS volt free outputs for power on, high level, individual pump run, individual pump fault and common fault
  • /SMS - With ME-Link Module for SMS alarm/status messaging 
  • /CS - With pump current sensing for high or low pump current protection 
  • /RMC - With rain/mains changeover control module and 12Vdc pulse latching solenoid valve
  • /GEN - With generator input socket and manual changeover switch
  • /ATS - With automatic generator changeover
  • Output for normally closed tank top up valve
  • Individual pump RCD protection
  • 316 stainless steel enclosure
  • Free standing enclosure with plinth
  • Separate compartments for power authority meters
  • Battery backup high level alarm
  • Conductivity relays and probe inputs
  • Modbus TCP gateway with ethernet port
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