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Tank Level Indicators
Tank Level Indicators
Tank Level Indicators

Tank Level Indicators - Solar Wireless

  • Enclosure:
    • IP44 weatherproof rating
    • Powder coated mild steel
    • Removable gland plate
  • Protection:
    • Low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Control & interface:
    • Process meter LED display
    • Display be configured to read depth (m/mm), percentage full, or capacity (litres)
  • Inputs:
    • Analogue 4-20mA input for hydrostatic transducer
  • Included with panel:
    • Transmitter and receiver panels
    • 10 Amp 3 pin 1.5m power supply lead for 240Vac power supply to receiver panel
    • Stainless steel potable water hydrostatic pressure transducer (0-4m rating) with 24m cable

Function Features

  • Provides an extremely accurate and informative indication of water level within a tank
  • 500m line of sight signal range between panels is ideal for situations where is is not possible or cost effective to run a cable
  • Solar powered transmitter panel allows tank level to be transmitted from a water storage where no mains power is available
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