HydroSTART Controller Module and Single Door Metal Enclosure

MATelec Australia’s HydroSTART Controller brings the features of the standard single and dual pump controllers into a new age with a redesigned capacitive touch keypad and control module with pump current sensing, providing wide range electronic overload protection which now functions with both single and three phase pumps.

Additional control inputs and functionality has been incorporated into the new design to enhance the controller’s flexibility and cover an even wider range of pumping applications. The HydroSTART is the new standard for pump controls.
  • Powder coated mild steel enclosure with removable gland plate
  • IP54 rated with single door, for indoor mounting (Single Door version), or:
  • IP56 rated with inner door for outdoor mounting (Inner Door version) 


  • Pad lockable mains power isolator switch 
  • Low voltage control and input circuitry 
  • Individual pump circuit breaker protection/isolation 
  • Contactors for pump switching (three-phase panels) 
  • Electronic short and overload protection of alarms
  • Din rail mounted terminal connections
Control & interface
  • HydroSTART single or dual pump capacitive touch keypad interface:
  • Indicator lights for system and pump status, level alarm
  • Buttons for alarm mute/reset and pump mode selection
  • HydroSTART PCB control module with dipswitches for adjusting configuration
  • Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms
  • Pump current sensing providing adjustable overload & other protections
  • Soft starter per pump with adjustable soft start & stop (Soft Start versions) 


  • Single phase (230Vac) or three phase (400Vac) power supply 
  • 6x digital inputs for float or pressure switches, optional prime loss flow switch and system enable 
  • Standard terminal setup: Low level, duty stop, duty start, standby start, high level and system enable 


  • 1 or 2x pump supply outputs 
  • BMS volt-free output for common fault 
  • Modbus RTU Serial RS485 connections for SCADA 
HydroSTART - Single Door Range
Code No of Pumps Phase/Voltage Selectable Overload Options
FPC-81141 Single 1 Phase / 230 Vac 0.1-6AMP, 5-16AMP
FPC-81143 Single 3 Phase/400Vac 0.1-6AMP, 5-16AMP
FPC-81241 Dual 1 Phase/230 Vac 0.1-6AMP, 5-16AMP
FPC-81243 Dual 3 Phase/400Vac 0.1-6AMP, 5-16AMP


Additional Options

Additional options are added to the end of the code after the overload rating, eg: FPC-82143-E/BMS. Most options can only be added to the inner door version 

  • /BMS – With BMS module providing volt free outputs for power on, low and high level, individual pump run and fault and common fault 
  • /SMS – With ME-Link module for SMS alarm/status messaging 
  • /RMC – With rain/mains changeover control module and 12Vdc pulse latching solenoid valve 
  • /GEN – With generator input socket and manual changeover switch 
  • /ATS – With automatic generator changeover switch 
  • /RCBO – With individual pump RCBO protection
  • CON – With conductivity module and up to 5 probe inputs
  • /INT – With intrinsically safe input barrier relays
  • /TF – With tank fill control mode enabled
  • /MR – With max run protection enabled
  • /PL – With pump limit function enabled
  • /SRCAP – With start and run capacitors
  • /RCAP – With run capacitors
  • /BBHLS – With battery backup high level alarm
  • /HW – Configured for hot water circulation
  • /TC – With time clock for time of day operation
  • /SS – With 316 stainless steel enclosure

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