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Conductivity Sensing Probes

Conductivity Sensing Probes - 4 Point Range

4 Point Probe Range

  • The MATelec Conductivity Probe is designed and manufactured with 4 Stainless Steel Sensing Points. These are typically used as common, stop, start and high level.

  • The Probe would normally be set up in conjunction with a conductivity relay, which would interface with a pump control circuit.

  • The Probe can be used in a wide range of applications including potable, grey, black, storm and rain water.

  • Whilst the Probe has no serviceable parts, a periodic wipe down is recommended to maintain optimum performance.


  • Materials: 

    • Pipe: UV resistant PVC

    • Sensors: 316 stainless steel

    • Cable: Submersible rubber

    • Filler: Epoxy resin

4 Point Probe Range

Code Length Cable Length
FPC-12530 200mm 10m
FPC-12531 300mm 10m
FPC-12532 400mm 10m
FPC-12533 700mm 10m
FPC-12534 900mm 10m
FPC-12535 900mm 20m

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